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Heat transfer principle of thermal silica film and why use thermal silica film


The existence of the thermal conductive silicone sheet is mainly not directly radiated, and the heat dissipation is required by the heat sink. When the heat source is connected to the heat sink, the contact surface roughness is irregular, so a certain contact thermal resistance and contact thermal resistance are generated. It is caused by heat transfer. The contact thermal resistance will make the heat conduction channel not smooth, so that the heat accumulation on the contact surface is too large, so that it cannot be quickly and effectively conducted to the surface of the heat sink or the outer casing, so if it is not filled with a thermal conductive silicone sheet, It is difficult to achieve effective cooling. Without the use of thermal silica gel sheets, even the product will transiently overheat during thermal shock, resulting in a crash to reduce product life. At the same time, air is a poor conductor of heat, if the space between the contact surfaces is too large or there is The effect of the gap on the heat dissipation is huge. The thermal conductive silica gel sheet is solid and soft, has good compression performance, and is not easily deformed. It can fill the contact area well and make all the bad conductors of the contact surface are discharged. Therefore, it is required in various industries in the electronics industry. Thermally conductive silicone sheets are basically used in places where heat is dissipated.