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Lian Tengda Group Construction Activities - "Founding Excellent Teams to Create Enterprise Brilliance"


On September 15, 2018, it was planned by President Luo. The company has a total of 28 elite employees, and carried out a one-day group building activity in Qingyuan, which is known as the “Pearl River Delta Garden”.
The theme of the group building is “Founding Excellent Teams, Creating Enterprise Brilliance”, aiming to smelt the team, enhance trust, promote team communication, enhance teamwork, encourage everyone to take responsibility, challenge themselves, tap potential, and further enhance the team. Fighting strength and cohesiveness, to create a team of outstanding enterprises that are united, collaborative, enterprising and passionate.

The team laughed and laughed at Qinglong Gulongxia. In the hot summer, outdoor rafting is the first choice for summer heat. Everyone took a drifting boat and slid down the water. They shuttled between the steep and steep valleys. The fierce and fierce water surged on every airship. Everyone sat on the boat and screamed excitedly. At this moment, everyone seemed to change. It became a child, and the heart was completely empty, and the pressure was completely released. After a collision, I drifted to the exit along the water. The calm water on the exit reflected every smile. Everyone seemed to be immersed in happiness. The attempted childlike heart was indispensable for a playful battle, the oncoming autumn wind and water. Zhuchong brushed off the heat of summer. The trees in the canyon are lush, the water temperature is much colder than usual, but the smile on everyone's face is extremely warm!

I hope that through this group travel activities, we will enhance our collective spirit and team awareness, and make us recognize the importance of others and the team. This event also enhances the team's sense of identity, corporate cohesion and centripetal force, and promotes colleagues. Friendship and emotions enrich the amateur cultural life of employees.