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Thermally conductive silicone sheets are more environmentally friendly than we think


Due to the complexity of the production of raw materials, many people will think that the thermal silica gel product itself is not environmentally friendly. Today, the environmental protection of the thermal silica film is explained. In fact, the thermal silica film is more environmentally friendly than we think.

The main component of the thermal silica gel sheet is silica gel. Silica gel is a common material in our life. In terms of properties, silica gel products are non-toxic and tasteless, and have no harm to the human body. Except for counterfeit silicone products, counterfeit silicone products are generally used. They all have a pungent odor and are relatively rough. In the 80s of the last century, there was a strong rubber smell on the street stalls. No one asked: Is it poisonous, the ring is not environmentally friendly? But now with the improvement of living standards, environmental protection is getting more and more attention.

There are instruments on the market that are specially designed to test the environmental performance of silica gel. Under normal circumstances, the thermal conductivity of the silica gel sheet is tested to contain halogens such as chlorofluorobromoiodine and iodine. The heat-conducting material is divided into insulation and non-insulation. All the metals themselves are good heat-conducting materials, but the metal does not have insulation properties and achieves good effects of insulation and heat conduction. Insulation properties and flame retardancy of thermal silica sheets are one of the important indicators. In order to improve the flame retardant effect of the thermal conductive silica gel sheet, some manufacturers will add decabromodiphenylethane as a flame retardant in the thermal conductive silica gel sheet, thus failing to reach the level of ROHS detection. Shenzhen Lian Tengda Technology Co., Ltd. is made of ROHS. It has ROHS environmental protection certificate and 100% environmental protection performance. The thermal silica film has good toughness and elasticity. It is not easy to be permanently deformed by external force, and the hand feels smooth. .

Counterfeit inferior thermal silica gel products on the market are easily deformed and have a rough texture. The thermal silica gel sheets are available in a variety of colors. Anyone who has worked in a paint factory knows that the smell of the paint is very strong. Does this conflict with environmental protection? Generally, the color paste of the thermal conductive silica gel is a halogen-free silica gel masterbatch, and the formulation thereof does not contain halogen, that is, chlorofluorobromoiodine, etc., that is, it meets the environmental protection requirements of the EU ROHS, that is, relative to the formula of halogen, This color master is more environmentally friendly. In order to ensure the quality, we can also distinguish the true and false thermal silica film by burning. The fake thermal silica film is black smoke when burning, and the residue is black powder. The real thermal silica film is burning no matter what color. It is white smoke and the residue is white powder.

I hope that our customers can find a truly powerful manufacturer when choosing a thermal silica film, and choose a truly environmentally-friendly high-quality thermal silica film.