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Thermal silica film market usage rate


The thermal interface material has not been as mature in the past as it is now. In 2004, Taiwan said that this product is a thermal conductive film, and many of our inland names are: thermal pad, thermal silicone pad, thermal pad, etc. It is specially designed to use the heat transfer method of the gap. The thickness of the thermal conductive silicone sheet can be customized and has compressibility, so it can fill the gap well, and can meet the design requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thinness of the device. A heat-conductive filling material with process and plasticity. The heat-conducting material is used for the control board of electronic and electrical products, the inner and outer pads of the motor, electronic appliances, automobile machinery, computer mainframe, pen main computer, DVD, etc. The electronic components, nowadays, there are many fast-moving products that will use the main products of thermal silica film, such as: LED products, LED power supply, high-power power supply, etc. and some large manufacturers such as ZTE, Huawei, Foxconn, etc. are in use. This kind of product can be said that the market of thermal silica gel sheets is very impressive. The thermal silica gel sheets produced by our company are all made of imported materials. In the case of fierce competition, we insist on serving each customer at a better price while ensuring stable product quality, and strive to make each one Manufacturers who need to use thermal silica gel products are sourcing a more cost-effective product. If the market matures, not only the electronics industry, automotive electronics and medical industry will use this product. The survey, the electronics industry and the automotive electronics industry have the highest usage rate of thermal silica gel, which is 80% higher than other industries. Market data analysis The usage rate of other industries is 30% in the LED industry, 30% in the mobile phone industry, 30% in the computer industry, 20% in the automotive industry, and 5% in the medical industry. With the popularity of new energy vehicles and the reduction of electronic mobile devices, Under the background of industrial production such as high efficiency of production equipment, the use rate of thermal silica gel sheets will become more and more broad.