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Silicon Carbide Thermal Conductive Ceramic Sheet - Development of New Applications for Propulsion


Compared with the silicon carbide thermal conductive ceramic sheets, the conventional thermal conductive ceramic sheets used in the past are stronger than the ordinary ones in terms of strength, and can withstand temperatures higher than 700 degrees Celsius, due to the thermal conductive material. The production has greatly promoted the development of automotive applications. For example, to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engines by more than 30%, silicon carbide thermal ceramic sheets are indispensable materials. In today's gasoline, about 80% of the combustion energy is lost in heat transfer, and the efficiency of the diesel engine is 33%. Even if it is superior to gasoline, there will still be more than 30% energy loss. Therefore, the use of silicon carbide thermal conductive ceramic sheets with better thermal insulation performance can greatly reduce the loss of this part, and then use the waste turbocharger and power turbine to feed back and forth on the silicon carbide. It has been proved that this can improve the thermal efficiency. Up to 48%, silicon carbide thermal ceramics make it possible to quickly start a diesel engine. This turbocharger has superior heat resistance than today's superalloys, and the specific gravity is only about three-thirds of that of metal turbines. One.