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Correct use of thermal grease


Thermal grease is usually called thermal grease, but it does not have heat dissipation. Thermal grease is mainly a kind of thermal conductive material filled between the heat sink and the heat source. By reducing the thermal resistance between them. Make the heat dissipation better. Thermal grease is very stable, and the raw materials used are green materials, non-toxic and non-hazardous substances and do not produce corrosive gases.
Thermal grease is particularly important for heat dissipation such as CPUs. The performance of the product directly affects the stability and effectiveness of the heat dissipation. In a product's overall cooling solution, it is important to choose a good heat sink. However, choosing a good silicone grease and using it correctly is also a top priority.
The application method of silicone grease often directly affects the quality of heat dissipation. Many people have a wrong concept when using thermal grease. The thicker the thermal grease is applied, the better the thermal conductivity will be. On the contrary, the thinner the thermal grease is applied, the better the heat dissipation effect will be. Regardless of the heat sink base, it is only necessary to apply a thin layer evenly to achieve a good thermal conductivity. After the application is completed, it is faint. It is best to see the contact surface, the most important thing is to be uniform, free of impurities and no bubbles.